Regrou Forte Minoxidil 5% - 30 ml

Regrou Forte Minoxidil 5% – 30 ml

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PHARMACOKINETICS Topical minoxidil usage is absorbed in a very little amount only approximately of 1,4% (Range 03-4.5%) out of the total dosage as to be involved in the systemic circulation. From 1 ml Regrou forte containing 50 mg minoxidilapplied on skin, only 0.70 mg absorbed

 Mechanism of Action


If uses systematically, Minoxidil, shall serve as a vasodilator periphery. Topical usage shall be effective for hair growth on androgenetic alopecia with the first growth effect starts on the fourth month or more, and it varies between one patient to another. Clinical test result proofs that topical usage does not present systemic effects if applied under the suggested dosage.
  1. Treat Androgenetic baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia).
  2. Treat Arcata Alopecia Baldness


Patient With Minoxidil, propylene glycol, or Alcohol hypersensivity.

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Regrou Forte Minoxidil 5%
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