THROMBOPHOB Oinment Heparin Sodium Sprains Bruises Treatment - 20 Gr

THROMBOPHOB Oinment Heparin Sodium Sprains Bruises Treatment – 20 Gr

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THROMBOPHOB Ointment contains Heparin 5,000 iu, nicotinic acid benzyl ester 250 mg.

Superficial phlebitis with or without thrombus formation, varicose, venous congestion in the limbs of the body, sports injuries or accidents, bruises, tendovaginitis, hematoma (bruising).

Thrombophob ointment used 2-3 times a day as a thin smear on the skin . The gel should not be used by rubbing or massaging and skin should be cleaned first , so that the drug works better . In the open wounds , for example in ulcers , Thrombophob only worn at the edges of the wound , and the wound itself. Never be applied to open wounds.

Avoid contact with eyes. Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

Exp Date : long expired date, stock always new 

Store in a cool, always keep the lid tightly closed tube after use to avoid oxidation alone.

** For external use only **

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