Kloderma Cream - 5 gram

Kloderma Cream – 5 gram

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1 gram. CREAM contains 0.5 mg Klobetasol Propionat in appropriate base

Mechanism of Action

Works as Corticosteroids. Topically administered, prominently, for short term application to inflammation by eliminating erythema, pain, and abscess


Short term application for resistant skin disease treatment, including as psoriasis, Przema, lupus, erythematous, lichen, planus, inflammation and itchiness of responsive dermatoses to Corticosteroids


KLODERMA ® is usually good tolerance, but not prescribed for those Hypersensitive patients. Avoid administration. On patients of Rosacea, Acne, Perioral dermatitis, virus, fungal, or bacterial infected skin lesion, Dermatoses in 1 year old children, including dermatitis and napkins eruptions.


Dus, Tubealumunium of 5gr


Store in a cool place between 15-30°C

How to Use Kloderma Cream

Applied in a thin layer once or twice and immediately stop the treatment upon its achieved result. Treatment may not more than 2 grams a day. Non continuous application may need – 4 week treatment without patient abnormality. Most important, do not exceed 50 g/week total dosage


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