Rudy Hadisuwarno HAIR GROWTH SERUM -  For Hair Loss 6 x 9 ml

Rudy Hadisuwarno HAIR GROWTH SERUM – For Hair Loss 6 x 9 ml

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Rudy Hadisuwarno HAIR GROWTH SERUM – Intensive Treatment With with NATURAL DHT Blockers For Hair Loss
Contents : 6 x 9 ml

Rudy Hadisuwarno Hair Growth Serum, working actively to stop the formation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which triggers hair baldness gene, Working Optimally 160% faster stimulate hair growth, 93% Optimizing in addressing the problem of hair bald due to hair loss
– Helps to overcome the loss
– Stimulate Hair Growth
– Nourishes the scalp
– Strengthening the hair structure
– Reducing the loss by strengthening the hair roots
– Helps Stimulate Hair Growth

1. Apply HAIR GROWTH SERUM on the scalp that has been cleaned
2. For maximum results , use HAIR GROWTH SERUM for 3 times a week on a regular basis @ 1 bottle . Minimal user to optimize the use of 18 bottles ( 3 boxes ) regularly ( 6 consecutive weeks )
3. Perform a light massage for 3 minutes evenly on the surface of the scalp .
4. When hair loss is already insurmountable and hair had grown , perform routine follow-up care with Rudy Hadisuwarno Cosmetics Hair Growth Serum every week ( 1 week @ 1 bottle
Content of Hair Growth Serum Active Ingredients :
Sophora root extract : helps reduce the formation of DHT can cause hair loss and accelerate the growth of new hair .
Tripeptide and Soybean Protein Complex : Helps improving blood circulation to the area after the massage the hair roots and help strengthen hair structure , also reduces the formation of DHT .
Hydrolyzed Sericin : Acting as a ” soothing agent” that protect and nourish the scalp to remain healthy.



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