Eqinon Forte 15 gr

Eqinon Forte 15 gr

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EQINON FORTE contains 5% hydroquinone in a creamy base substance.

To whiten the skin gradually from “acne spots”, black spots (freckles) and black spots (melasma). Whiten dark pigments in skin.

EQINON FORTE Apply on the skin where desired for bleaching. EQINON FORTE only used at night time 3 hours before going to bed after the skin is cleaned first with a cream / lotion cleanser. Generally a dark color on the skin will turn white after 2 to 12 weeks of treatment. If the desired level of whitening has been reached, use only as needed to maintain results.

Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use for children under the age of 12 years. Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

Exp Date : long expired date, stock always new

Store in a cool, always keep the lid tightly closed tube after use to avoid oxidation alone.

5.00 out of 5

6 reviews for Eqinon Forte 15 gr

  1. Courtney Nelson
    5 out of 5


    Thank you okchyao.com, I received 3 tube of Eqinon. Definitely will buy again !

  2. David C.
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This is a real, un-biased review. Given that I live in the United States, it took a few weeks for my tube of Eqinon to arrive. But the shipping was free so I can’t complain. And the folks okchyao always responded to my emails within 24 hours. Will definitely purchase from them again in the future.

  3. Veronica
    5 out of 5


    Received the package of 4 tube of Eqinon Forte in 2 weeks.
    Thank you okchyao.com, it’s my fourth order here. You’re the best

  4. Susan Holt
    5 out of 5


    I am sorry for late review, I have been using Eqinon Forte for 2 weeks, its show good result, most of dark spot most likely disappear, thank you okchyao.com !

  5. Jennie Elfron
    5 out of 5


    Thank you okchyao.com for the 3 tube of eqinon… been searching for a while before I found okchyao.com. Great service !

  6. Danielle Stella
    5 out of 5


    Eqinon forte is very good for my dark spot problem. Seller very responsive and honest. I will stick with okchyao.com for eqinon creams.

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