Depigmen - 30 ml

Depigmen – 30 ml

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2% Mequinol and 0.01% Tretinoin

Mechanism of Action

Mequinol works by oxidizing tironase enzymatically into cytotoxic products in melanocytes resulting in degradation / destruction of pigment cells – the effect of depigmenting. Tretinoin acts on tyrosinase by inhibiting enzyme transcription as well as conversion factor in dopacrom, which leads to disruption of melanin synthesis. Tretinoin also reduces hyperpigmentation by inducing desquamation

solar lentigines treatment (hyperpigmentation because ultraviclet ray exposure).


  • Pregnant and lactating mother.
  • Patient treated with photosensitizer substance, including thiazides, tetracyclin, fluoroquinolones, phenothiazides, sulfonamides.
  • Patient with sensitivity reaction history on active and additive Substances in Depigmen. Stop this product usage in case of hypersensitivity reaction.

Dus, Bottle 30ml

How to Use

Patient should familiar with this product application in detail to have maximal result, and comprehend all precautions as of applying it safely, Physician must review information for the patient. Apply Depigmen Solution on Solar Lentigines with applicator tip and avoid extensive application to the surrounding skin. Apply twice a day, in the morning and at night with 8 hour interval, or as prescibed by the physcian. Patient is suggested for not washing or rinsing the administered area of 6 hour minimal after its application. Do not apply this product on eyes, mouth, paranasal creases, mucous membranes. Depigmen Solution application may cause temporary sting, burn sensation, or irritation. Gradual recovery happened during therapy, and observable on the 24th weeks. Patient is suggested to avoid Sunray exposure (including UV light) or to use protective clothing during its application. No appropriate data available on how Depigmen Solution could be decomposed (both by Ultraviolet ray or normal interior lamp) during its application on skin, Depigmen Solution therapy discontinuation in majority patients may cause re – pigmentation the lesion. Large amount, or more frequent application will not accelerate the recovery, or better result, even may cause redness, peeling, irritation or hypopigmentation (abnormal whitening). Patient applying Depigmen Solution may apply cosmetics 30 minutes later. Unverified security and effectiveness data of Depigmen Solution to prevent and treat melasma and Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Unverified efficacy of Depigmen Solution for more than 24 weeks daily application.


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