Ambeven - All Natural Hemorrhoids Relief - Haemorrhoids Treatment - 40's

Ambeven – All Natural Hemorrhoids Relief – Haemorrhoids Treatment – 40’s

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Ambeven a traditional medicine with a concoction of selected plant material and quality.


Handeulum leaves or also known as GRAPTOPHYLLUM PICTUM or Graptophyllum pictum has always been known and used by the community to treat hemorrhoids. Based on clinical observations turned out dry leaves or leaf decoction handeulum can cure hemorrhoids completely.


Ambeven besides containing the active ingredient leaf handeulum, also contain other traditional materials that are useful to deal with the symptoms that accompany hemorrhoids. Lumps of hemorrhoids in the rectum can be diminished or depreciated or even dihilangkandengan Ambeven herb. Besides, symptoms such as pain or tenderness, swollen and bleed easily also be eliminated.


The study also showed that the toxicity of herbal medicine is safe without side effects that interfere even when taken for a long term.



Reduces the symptoms of hemorrhoids and prevent varicose veins in the legs.



Each capsule contains :

Graptopyllum pictum – folia …………. 30 %

Sophora japonica – flos …………….. 15 %

Rubia cordifolia – radix ……………. 15 %

Coleus artropurpureus – folia ……….. 10 %

Sanguisorba officinalis – radix ……… 10 %

Kaempferia angustifolia – rhizomes ……. 10 %

Curcuma heyneana – rhizomes ………….. 10 %



2 capsules 3 times a day



Store in a cool place.



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